About preserved plants

They are fresh plants that have undergone a delicate conservation and stabilization process. During this process the sap is substituted by a compound made with glycerine which allows the plant to maintain the same feel and appearance as the fresh plant for a long time. The aesthetic results that preserved vegetation offers are surprisingly natural and they have endless possibilities both in interior floral decoration and ornamentation and in floral art compositions.

Preserved moss is real moss that was carefully handpicked and collected from nature and treated with non-toxic ingredients, mainly consisting of vegetable glycerin and food colorings, to preserve its color and freshness for many years.

As they are 100% natural products, they are completely biodegradable, so apart from being economic, they are also completely ecological.

With preserved moss you can remodel any kind of indoor space or surface, for example furniture, objects, walls, etcétera.

Plant care or maintenance is not necessary because the plants are naturally preserved. In fact, the preserved plants should never be watered under any circumstances. They also don't require light, and posses antistatic properties that prevent them from collecting dust. In short: 100% natural, 0% care.

Which kind of plants do we use?

We offer a wide range of plant options to suit all tastes:  Reindeer moss, ball moss, flat forest moss, ferns and jungle plants to build plant islands and jungle arrangements.

Reindeer moss / Lichene 

does not only look great but it is also serves as a sound and humidity absorber. It also contributes to a positive indoor climate. Very soft to touch, simple and flowing, invite relaxation, which is why they are especially designed for meditation and are a perfect alternative to traditional decorations. It is a natural lichen that can be used only indoors, and must be guaranteed an environment with a minimum relative humidity of about 30% but it does not need any maintenance.

Its unique shape and acoustic properties offer endless possibilities in design. This extremely soft & flexible moss, blends perfectly with materials such as ceramic, wood, PVC, plexiglass, glass or expanded polystyrene. 100% Biodegradable product


Ball moss

is characterised by its three dimensional, spherical shape, which provides a unique feeling to the spaces where it is displayed.


Flat moss

has a darker green colour, and together with ball moss arrangements bring brighter green tones make three-dimensional highlights on a dark green forest moss background


Forest frame

are built with ball moss and various plants, resting on a ground of forest moss.


Jungle framess

and walls are very dense in vegetation, counting with many typical jungle and other plants.


Find here the best ways to design and decorate with real plants that last for years.